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About Us
Have you noticed how often parents call their kids "bousinka"? I hear such an appeal to kids all the time, it is filled with love, care, tenderness, and affection. These feelings are the core values of our brand. In the development and production of our models, we pay the attention to all the details - from the soft texture of fabrics, coordinated colors and the classic cut. We employ only Russian manufactures and craftsmen for production of our clothing. One of the important principles of the brand Bousinka, is the rejection of the use of plastic and natural leather. Bousinka clothes give feeling of comfort, coziness and beauty to your little ones.
Lookbook Bousinka
First Drop 2018
Why Bousinka clothes are special?
We use only 100% natural materials, without plastic accessories and components of animal origin.
We pay special attention to the selection of fabrics, its texture, colors, because the combination of all the details creates a special mood.
All things of the brand are perfectly combined with each other, which facilitates the choice when making a purchase.
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